Artificially Intelligent
Folk Songs of Canada

  The Vol. 1 Band is made up of these sources:


  • Misha Bower (vocals)
  • Marshall Bureau (drums)
  • J.J. Ipsen (bass, piano, lead guitars, organ, iPhone)
  • Henry Adam Svec (guitar, vocals, harmonica)




  • W.L. Altman (organ and vocals on #1 and piano on #2)
  • Sara Danae Froese (violin on #3 and #5)
  • Nathan Pilon (sax on #2)
  • Andrew Penner (banjo on #6)
  • Mirek PlĂ­hal (auxiliary percussion on #5)
  • Kelly Wallraff (cello on #5)


The Vol. 2 Band is made up of these sources:


  • Darren "Boobie" Browne (bass)
  • Nick Ferrio (backing vocals)
  • Mathias Kom (guitar, vocals)
  • Jake Nicoll (drums, backing vocals)
  • Ariel Sharratt (vocals)


All songs by LIVINGSTON. Vol. 1 recorded, mixed, and mastered by Andy Magoffin at the House of Miracles in Cambridge, Ontario. Additional tracking by Simon Larochette at The Sugar Shack in London, Ontario. Vol. 2 Recorded by drummer Jake Nicoll in St. John's, Newfoundland.


Thanks to everybody.

Label Fantastic! Ontario Arts Council